Rabbi Rami

modern day responsa from a holy rascal

Rabbi’s live for questions. Good questions. Questions that make us think. Questions that trigger other questions and, once in a while, dangerous answers. For over 1700 years rabbis have been engaged in she’elot ve-t’shuvot (literally Q & A) giving rise to a genre of rabbinic literature called responsa. Dear Rabbi Rami is my 21st century continuation of this second century innovation. The questions posted here were put to me in person and via various media. My responses are short, often blunt, and always opinionated. They are not intended to douse the embers of inquiry, but to fan the flames of further investigation. This is how you should engage with this blog: 1) Read the question; 2) Answer the question for yourself; 3) Read my response and compare it to your own; 4) Send me an even better question.

Recent Posts:

  • Elliot Pachter, president of the Michigan Board of Rabbis

    “Rami Shapiro ignited our colleagues from across the movements to engage in frank discussion about the meaning and message of their rabbinate.”

  • Dr. Gordon Peerman

    Rabbi Rami is Jon Stewart’s spiritual double: hilarious and insightful, who wickedly exposes the religious insanities of our time while movingly offering an authentic interspirituality that is timeless.